Mentoring Children in Prayer with Carol Koch

Children on the Frontlines is offering training on mentoring children to hear the voice of God and to walk in their gifting. Prayer is a foundational principal that helps to develop a hearing ear because it is about relationship with God. This training will help you to understand the importance of prayer in a child’s life, how to practically lead

Children on the Frontlines Calendar 2018

Every 4th Tuesday of each month: Kid’s Prayer ministering in Christ Triumphant Healing Rooms July 26th-28th: Women on the Frontlines World Convention – Phoenix, AZ September 14th-15th: Roar of the Lioness – Empowering Women Reilly Arts Center, Ocala, FL September 8th: Equipping Children’s Leaders Bolingbrook, IL September 24th-30th: Frontliners – Cambodia