God wants to “capture” the hearts of this generation of children!  There are so many  prophetic words stating that now is the time that our Father is targeting the next generation!  His Heart is to capture their heart!  One of the primary ways we teach children to develop a relationship with God is by teaching them to pray.  It should be as common for a church to have a “Kid’s Prayer Team” as it is to have a Children’s Church or Sunday School!

Children on the Frontline offers training for leaders and teachers on how to establish children’s prayer.

These seminars include:

  • Vision for leadership
  • How to mentor children in all areas of prayer
  • Step by step instructions on setting up your own prayer centers

What is required?  Cover basic expenses, transportation and housing, offering.

For more information or to schedule a training seminar, call 816-524-6120 or contact us here